Bruce Willis refused to film a sex scene with Halle Berry - because she is too gorgeous.

The 'Die Hard' actor - who stars with the Oscar winning actress in upcoming film 'Perfect Stranger'- made Halle act out the racy scenes alone because he was scared he would get too awkward. The 'Monster's Ball' actress was forced to writhe around in a bed on her own, while the crew played a recording of Willis' voice. The editors then had to put the pair together using computer wizardry. It was the first time the pioneering technique has been used for a sex scene.

Willis said: "I get all awkward. She's beautiful. It's almost like looking at an eclipse of the sun. "You have to poke a pin through a card and look at her through that. She's so stunning you could damage your retina." Meanwhile, the 51-year-old actor has announced he would love to make 'Die Hard 4.' The heartthrob actor admits he would love to reprise his role as tough US cop John McClaine in another instalment of the action series.

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