Disney Star Mitchel Musso has tarnished his kid friendly image. On Sunday, the Hannah Montana, Pair of Kings, and PrankStars actor was pulled over in his sweet-ass Mercedes Benz on suspicion of drunk driving. The time was 3:43 a.m. and the wind smelt of insobriety.

While cops did smell alcohol on the 20 year-old actor after pulling him over, it actually wasn’t the smell that did the young man in. It wasn’t swerving, the usual culprit, either. According to TMZ, Musso failed to slow down after being directed to do so by some cops who were on hand to maintain traffic flow after an accident occurred in Burbank, Ca. Musso was given a breathalyzer and blew well over a .08. Depending on California law, the DUI could be a double whammy since Musso is underage.

I’m honestly just pissed because I lost a mental bet with myself. If anyone from Hannah Montana were going to get a DUI, you would have to assume it would be Miley Cyrus, right? The underage, pierced star has been named AOL's JSYK.com worst celebrity influence several times and is a genuine train wreck. Maybe Disney does that to you. Have you seen the 32 year-old hairdresser on X Factor who used to be a Disney child star? Trainwreck. I’m still crossing my fingers the youngest Jonas brother will always have his act together.

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