While we here in the United States look at celebrities like royalty, across the pond the British enjoy following the exploits of real princes and princesses. The difference between our pop-tarts and their bluebloods? Not much – but at least the future UK kings and queens mostly avoid the head-shaving, crashing, jail-skipping and bad music-making – we can give them that.

But as the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death approaches, controversy surrounds a new book that claims that Prince Harry, third in line to the throne, is not the son of Prince Charles, first in line to sit in the big Brit chair. The writing re-examines an old rumor that Prince Harry's father was actually Diana's lover, James Hewitt.

Hewitt previously denied he was Harry's father, saying he and Lady Diana, Harry’s mum, hadn't met until two years after Harry was born in 1984. But author and cagey Colonist Christopher Andersen names eyes that spied Diana and Hewitt hanging as early as 1981 and that the two were lovers by January 1984, nine months before Harry showed up.

Andersen also points out: "It's not just the physical resemblance — and I can pick out dozens of photos that show this — it's the peculiar expressions, the walk, the mannerisms…"

However, many in the British press, who are not usually strangers to putting the screws to celebs, are once again defending the Throne and its future line-up, as they often do. The Royal Family are not joking fodder in the Old Empire, and they have dealt with this rumor before, with shock and disbelief.

But the American author says the paternity question has been bugging Harry for many years, and is possibly the cause of his occasional outbursts in the recent past (remember the Nazi Halloween costume?). Andersen says Harry was so concerned about his paternity that he volunteered for a DNA test, but that notion was nixed by Grandma Liz, AKA Queen Elizabeth II.

If it were proven Harry were not Chuck’s kid, it would mean Harry could no longer be in the line of succession, which really wouldn’t change much, as big brother Billy (Prince William) would be next after Charles to rock the crown. The author reflects on this as well, saying Harry might not have a problem with that: "Harry's nightmare is that someday he'll end up with the crown if something happens to William."

Yes, how terrible, being the King of England. Well Henry, if you want out for real, you and Charles can always take it to a Quest lab and find out for sure…

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