Bitter divorces and terrible break-ups are common in Hollywood. Couples that split amicably are definitely in the minority. In fact, when a settlement is reached without much fanfare, many onlookers even assume the pair will get back together at some point. If they can go their separate ways peacefully, why not remain together peacefully? Let the record show Daniel Baldwin and his soon to be ex-wife Joanne cannot do anything peacefully and definitely should not stay married.

The couple initiated divorce proceedings this past summer, and he publicly accused her of everything from abusing drugs to breaking furniture to threatening to murder him in front of the kids after watching a documentary on women who kill. Of course, in true trainwreck fashion, they reconciled less than a month later. He asked the court to withdraw the divorce petition and restraining order, but not surprisingly, the couple has once again announced they’re parting ways.

According to TMZ, she’s the one who filed this time, and she’s seeking full custody, four thousand a month in child support, half his earnings and a guarantee that he’ll take out a million dollars in life insurance. I too have watched plenty of specials on women who kill, which is why her last demand, while sensible, still scares the shit out of me. In addition, Joanne apparently also wants all furniture she owned prior to the marriage. We’ll go ahead and assume she’s not talking about the pieces she (supposedly) broke.

I’ve reported on a lot of awful Hollywood break-ups in the past, but I’m not sure I’ve covered any as ridiculous as the dissolution of this union. This may well be the craziest celebrity divorce of all-time. What do you think? Can you remember any worse than this one? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Is This The Craziest Celebrity Divorce Ever?

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