Singer, lifeguard, and talking car driver David Hasselhoff was injured in a freak shaving accident on Thursday. That’s right, a freak shaving accident.

Somehow, David managed to hit his head on a chandelier while shaving in a gym at the Sanderson Hotel in London. The chandelier broke and showered him with shards of broken glass, broken glass which somehow managed to sever a tendon in his right arm. I’m not sure which is harder to believe, that he actually injured himself in that manner or that David Hasselhoff was in a gym. Only the great Hassel to the Hoff can pull of flabby and fit all at once.

David ended up in surgery, where Doctors repaired the tendon. He then spent a night in St. Thomas hospital.

Personally, I find myself wondering if this tendon might have been in his wrist. The official word released from his spokesperson doesn’t specify where on his arm the cut was, but the whole thing sounds so complicated and convoluted, well you can’t help but think maybe there’s something not on the up and up going on here. It smells like a publicist cover up.

Let’s hope not. Next to the great William Shatner, there are few celebrities in this world more beloved by the gang here at than now 53-year-old Michael Knight. His career may not be what it once was, but he’s kind of the cameo and our best wishes go out to him. Get well soon David.

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