What a bad year for the Ledger family. Just as Heath Ledger’s dark and brilliant turn as The Joker is about to be seen by tens of millions of people, his uncle, Haydn Charles Ledger, has been arrested and charged with stealing three construction machines. The fifty year old was spotted by Australian police when they eyed him sleeping inside his car outside a machinery sales office. Inside they found the three stolen machines, as well as unidentified drugs. Wah-wah-wah.

According to WA Today, by way of Perez Hilton, Ledger is due before the court on Monday. How could stealing three heavy construction machines possibly seem like a good idea? A possible accomplice, an unidentified forty year old, was also booked and charged with stealing, possessing a weapon, and methamphetamines. Not exactly a whoops I forgot that pot was still in my pocket.

Whatever. I’m still seeing The Dark Knight tomorrow, and I’m still going to enjoy every goddamn minute of it.

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