Heidi Klum is thirty-eight. What she eats or which heavenly figure she bribes to maintain that shape is anyone's guess, but I, for one, am not complaining. For years, she captivated and seduced millions with her body of work in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues and the Victoria's Secret catalogs, but it wasn't until she started hosting Project Runway in 2004 that many began realizing how insanely cool she is too. With an infectious laugh and a willingness to be blunt, Heidi Klum is perhaps the most likable emcee on television, which is a big statement considering Regis and Ryan Seacrest are both still alive and kicking.

The latest season of Project Runway is set to premiere on July 28th with a fresh batch of contestants. To generate publicity, Klum has just shot an incredibly hot new poster that's rapidly making its way around the internet. Take a look at it below…

Everything about this picture works. Yes, it all ultimately comes back to Klum's absurd, midlife sexiness, but there's enough cute little touches to please all Project Runway fans. The “Make It Work” statement on her arm is classic, and the severed pink tie, properly placed, is really eye-popping against her skin.

I haven't kept up with Project Runway as well as I should have when it moved to Lifetime, but the second I'm done with this article, I'm going to add a new season pass. I don't expect season nine to live up to the awesomeness of the fourth cycle, but even if it gets halfway there, it'll be more than worth the time. Fierce.

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