As a supermodel Heidi Klum got to wear all kinds of insane outfits on the catwalk, and in her second career as the host of Project Runway she never slouches in the "daring fashion" department. But on Halloween every year she takes it to a whole new level, hosting a party with her husband Seal and decking herself out in the most insane, elaborate, and obviously expensive Halloween costumes you'll ever see. Sure, Kim Kardashian can put on a funny dress and walk a red carpet, but Heidi takes her costumes super seriously. She's throwing two parties this year, one in Las Vegas and one in New York, and last night in Vegas debuted her first look. Check it out below, via People:

It's not just an amazing costume that shows off her still ridiculous body, but also kind of terrifying, which is exactly what Halloween is supposed to be. Her previous costumes have occasionally been a little sexier than exposed muscles, but a lot of them ranged toward terrifying, including a big feathered blackbird and a purple sparkly Transformer thing that really has to be seen to be believed. In fact you can see both of them below, via this gallery from The Frisky.

You can say that Heidi Klum is just another rich celebrity with too much money to spend on a ridiculous holiday. You can say that, sure, she can wear whatever the hell she wants-- she's a supermodel for God's sake. But in a world where celebrity costumes this boring exist, it's good to see Heidi really go for it.

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