Former University of Georgia standout football player and Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward was busted early this morning in the Peach State for driving under the influence. Officers pulled his vehicle over in DeKalb County and took him to the police station where he was booked and later released on one thousand dollars bond. He's yet to offer a public comment on the matter, but one would expect that an apology or press conference would be forthcoming.

By the time TMZ caught wind of the story and ran with it at about six AM, Ward had already made his way out of the police station, but in today's twenty four hour media, there's no hiding from an arrest, especially one that's drunk driving-related. Non-football fans probably best remember Ward for winning last season of Dancing With The Stars, but the brilliant and affable Pittsburgh Steelers receiver has actually maintained a very honorable public record outside of his celebrity status. In 2009, President Barack Obama give him a seat on the advisor commission for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and he's been very active in dealing with race-relations in his mother's home country of South Korea.

Ordinarily, when an NFL player gets busted for an offense as serious as drunk driving, the league gets involved and imposes its own disciplinary action. A little more than a year ago, the Detroit Lions' president Tom Lewand was suspended thirty days and docked one hundred thousand dollars in pay for his own DWI charge, but with the players currently locked out, it's unclear whether the league office will retroactively enforce punishments on off the field mistakes while the NFL's doors were closed. We'll see once the lockout ends.

We'll keep you updated once someone involved speaks publically on this matter. Until then, remember to call a cab.

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