The Hollywood Walk of Fame has spoken, and it will not adapt to honor reality stars. A spokesman for the organization took to Facebook earlier this week to say, “Hell to the no” when asked if principals in the new form of television would get their place in the Walk of Fame. It might seem like common sense, but considering the popularity of the television trend, this really did need to be addressed at some point.

According to CNN, Ana Martinez, a producer for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, later clarified her comments, admitting they were her personal opinion but the potential adding of the Kardashians’ of the world is “not on the (the selection committee’s) radar right now.”

Numerous publications have pointed to Vanna White’s star as evidence that the Walk of Fame does honor reality stars, but the difference between hosting/ appearing on a beloved game show for decades and living a televised personal life is a pretty clear boundary. In order for one to get his or her name on the Walk Of Fame, he or she must be first approved by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. If they give the green light, then the potential selection must agree to pay for the installation, about thirty thousand dollars, and verify that he or she will show up to the ceremony to publicize the addition. It might not be as rigorous a process as getting into Baseball’s Hall of Fame, but it’s not a straight pay for admission deal either.

I couldn’t agree with this decision more. I’m not opposed to reality television, but in my mind, you must bring some sort of skill to the table beyond personal intrigue or inherent likability to be star worthy.

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