Hugh Grant, the Brit with a Rom Com heart of Notting Hill and Music & Lyrics fame, is calling for the right to die with dignity, a measure provided for in other European countries, but not the U.K. He has become the celebrity spokesman of, a site established by Dr. Ann McPherson, who just lost the battle with pancreatic cancer last week. Hugh Grant was redoubled his efforts since Dr. McPherson's death, according to WENN.

Hugh tells The Independent, a British newspaper, that "If you are around someone who you love, who says they want to die, and they say enough's enough, you would look on that with great sympathy. A person who is compos mentis (of sound mind) should be allowed to die rather than be kept alive and in pain, and without having to go off to Switzerland (to die)."

Switzerland is among the few countries in Europe that recognize the right to die. One could face up to 14 years of incarceration in the U.K. for assisting someone to end their life. In the U.S., such an act can be charged as an accessory to murder. Scary, huh? So far, only two states recognize the right to die with dignity, Oregon and Washington. The controversial documentary, How to Die in Oregon premiered last month on HBO. And timely enough, Dr. Kevorkian, the man infamously associated with physician-assisted death, passed away earlier today. It's a topic that has raised many eyebrows and the ire of many pundits. What's your take on the issue?

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