Hugh Hefner isn’t taking claims that legionella bacteria was found in one of his hot tubs lying down. He has “struck back” against reports that this bacteria caused the recent string of illnesses at the Playboy Mansion. Of course, what he’s saying goes directly against what the Los Angeles County Health Deparment has claimed; but Hefner is adamant that the illnesses were caused by the flu.

In a series of posts on his Twitter page, he writes, "Contrary to reports, there are no confirmed cases of anyone becoming ill from legionella bacteria at a Playboy party.

"The illnesses reported after the international DomainFest convention in L.A. were from influenza, not legionella. It was the flu season."

I guess the Hef knows that less twenty-something year old women will show up at his pad if they’re likely to get some viscous bacterial infection by sitting in his hot tub. Granted, I’d be more worried about … well, never mind.

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