Neil Patrick Harris is arguably one of the best award show hosts still making the rounds. He is charismatic, he’s funny, has fantastic comedic timing, and isn’t a washed up has-been that just doesn’t have anything better to do. So when it was announced that the NPH would be hosting The Tony’s, it gave viewers a reason to tune in -- other than watching The Book Of Mormon clean up virtually every award it was nominated for. It turns out that Hugh Jackman, who is also a pretty competent host, was not pleased he did not get the hosting nod for the fourth time in his career, and his tongue-in-cheek response can be seen below.

For those who are not exactly “theater people” the song Jackman and Patrick riff is the “Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)” number from Annie, Get Your Gun with some liberties taken, of course. This type of intro does a phenomenal job of setting up the rest of the show, and almost gives the impression that a two host show could actually work -- and then you remember the dual-host-Oscars.

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