Kris Humphries doesn’t want a divorce. He wants his marriage to Kim Kardashian annulled. Of course, the very idea of him striking this disaster from the record books is laughable considering millions watched him say I-do on television, but alas, he seems pretty serious about going through with the annulment and has filed paperwork alleging the marriage was a fraud.

His position is a stark change from several weeks ago when most insiders thought he’d fight for therapy or anything else that might keep the marriage afloat, but sources close to the basketball player have been open about his anger and resentment over the way he was treated on Kourtney And Kim Take New York. Had he been given even a decent portrayal, this situation might have unfolded differently. Unfortunately, he wasn’t, and now we’re left with a grown man claiming his marriage was a fraud.

As of press time, Humphries hasn’t spoken on the record about his definition of fraud; so, we’re left to wonder whether he’s contending the marriage was contrived for the television show or whether he’s contending Kim tricked him into walking down the aisle when she never loved him. She’s told all who will listen that she did love Kris and nothing about their union was ever for money or ratings, but clearly, something has made him disagree.

Because she filed for divorce rather than an annulment, Kim will either need to change or withdraw her petition or wait for a judge to rule on whether the marriage can be voided. Rumor has it she wanted an annulment to begin with, but to do so might require her to admit the wedding was a fraud. That would provide plenty of ammunition for her critics and probably isn't an option.

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Was The Marriage A Fraud?

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