It's the end of the My Fair Brady marriage. Adrianne Curry and middle Brady Christopher Knight have separated after five years of marriage. Was no one interested on seeing what happens five years later on My Fair Brady?

Curry and Knight first met on the set of VH1’s The Surreal Life. It was a match made in reality-TV heaven and sprouted a sequel, My Fair Brady. Curry was the winner of America’s Next Top Model and Knight played Peter Brady of the popular ‘70s sitcom. The dynamics between the cynical Knight and the outspoken, ill-mannered Curry drew audiences in droves. Perhaps they should have a reality-TV crew throughout the divorce proceedings. I think that’s just proper closure for their audience.

Their manager tells, the couple started their relationship with “irreconcilable differences” and now need some space to “assess their unique union.” Really, it just sounds like regular divorce to me, but in a celebrity world where irreconcilable differences are what make marriages in the first place, outcomes can look differently too.

Perhaps Knight should listen to his TV mom Florence Henderson, who advised him before his marriage that this was all just a very bad idea. This was the third marriage for Knight, and the first for Curry. She told People, "They didn't take my advice at all!" said Henderson. "And as you may have seen, they did get engaged and they did get married. Maybe I will counsel the divorce." See kids, moms always knows best!

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