If you’re thinking of traveling to lovely Winnipeg, Manitoba, you might want to consider borrowing Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s itinerary. The couple were in town over the weekend as part of her tour, but it wasn’t her performances that got people talking. On Friday, the pair hit up a local animal rescue to spend a few hours playing with dogs. One, a ten week old husky mix, really seemed to bond with the couple, prompting Gomez to adopt the little guy before she left. He’s been named Baylor.

According to People, she’s a big advocate for animal shelters and prior to her new addition, already owned five rescue dogs. Now they’ll have a sixth playmate, at least once she returns from her world tour. Apparently, that excitement wasn’t enough for the couple though, and they were spotted at the Winnipeg Jets game in a skybox on Saturday. Thanks to the poor performance of the Canadian dollar and the difficulty finding corporate sponsors in a small market, the city lost its hockey team in 1996 but received a new one earlier this year generating raucous crowds and almost universal excitement. The team beat the Hurricanes in front of Biebs and Gomez 5 to 3.

No doubt Baylor is pleased as punch to have been adopted by someone loving and caring, but the real question is whose dog is this actually. Gomez may have filled out the paperwork, but she is dating Bieber and he was there. Did they adopt the puppy together or was he just a witness? If this dog is co-owned, that’s a measure of commitment. Next stop moving in together.

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