JC Penney, the low-cost department chain that often specializes in Juniors T-shirts covered in low-brow humor, has bowed down to media pressure over an offending shirt. The shirt in question read “I’m too pretty to do my homework, so my brother has to do it for me.” After Change.org user Lauren Todd noticed posts about the T-Shirt on Facebook, she was offended enough to spread a viral petition through the organization.

Each time someone signed the petition, Change.org automatically sent an e-mail to JC Penney. After 1,600 people had signed the damn thing, the company caved and yanked it from their website. CBS has the full story, or you can check out the $10 offender, below.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be caught dead in that T-shirt. I’d even go as far as to say about 75% of women wouldn’t be caught dead in that T-shirt. However, there’s a reason JC Penney produced the shirt in the first place--because the company knew it would sell. Right or wrong, tasteless or just plain ugly, it would sell. In fact, I wonder how many shirts Penney’s sold before feminists got offended. Lighten up, people, shake your heads, laugh a little, and move on--there is bound to be something more imperative to worry about. If you’re a woman who lets every little derogatory, needling act that is contrary to feminism get you down, you’re not exactly empowered, anyway. Besides, there are million more “I’m too pretty” T-shirts already on the market; it’s futile to get your panties in a twist, unless you are a parent wanting to confiscate the shirt from your daughter.

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