Celebrities are always giving each other lavish gifts. Whether or not its Britney Spears giving her friends BMW’s or Spielberg sending his cast and crew on epic getaways, you can naturally assume when celebrities give each other gifts, it’s a spectacle all itself. Jack Black reveals to E! Online that Angelina Jolie has recently given Tanya, his wife, the green gown she wore while pregnant with her twins. Obviously Black had to return the favor.

What could you give a person that has everything? Instead of expensive jewelry, or even a priceless dress, the Kung-Fu Panda star gave Jolie a dvd box set of The Brady Bunch. Well played, sir. It makes sense because Jolie and Brad Pitt are already making a Brady Bunch of their own, with 6 children in the bunch already. About the box set he gave her, Black explains: “I don't think it outdid her kickass gift of the dress, but it's kinda funny because she has six kids and is like the Brady Bunch.”

Side note: According to E! Online, the comedian is planning on making as many Kung- Fu Panda movies as possible. Talking about possible sequels to E!, he says: “I'd love to do it for the next 20 years. Dude, it's the sweetest job. If you can get a kickass voice role in an animated classic, it's about as good as it gets.” Well, isn’t that nice? We can all look forward to at least 20 more, at most, of the movie franchise. As long as Black makes money off of it, which he will, there will be more Panda’s kung-fu fighting.

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