Jack Black is known for being funny as hell but he's also known for easily giving up juicy information during his interviews. In what might be the latest of savory info; during his most recent interview with Attack of the Show Black discusses many topics: from waking up at the crack of dawn to perform kung-fu, creating flip books as a child, the end of days, and a new Tenacious D album.

Fans of the comedy rock group Tenacious D, hold your hats, because the rocker confirmed they are currently in the process of recording a third album titled: “Rise of the Phoenix.” The theme of the album, according to Black, is how the D rises from the ashes of their Pick of Destiny box-office disaster. Which makes no sense really, doesn’t Tenacious D have a niche audience?

Watch this scene from The Pick of Destiny, then tell me it's not awesome:

Black explains their will be 3 songs on the album with the title "Rise of the Phoenix," and it will also include a ballad called "Senorita." Black jokingly said he didn't want to piss off Kyle Gass, his other half of the duo, so he only gave away a tiny bit of info about the album. The rock stars haven't made any albums since their movie came out in 2006. After mediocre reviews from critics, the D went into hiatus. Last year at the highly publicized music festival Bonnaroo, JB and KG (Kyle Gass) rocked audiences with a superb live show, showcasing the group still has it. Could this possibly be the reason for their decision in making a new album?

It’s still unclear when the album will be released, but with the fruition of this news, it will surely tide over any fan’s anxiety for the meantime. Despite the sound quality, here’s their new song “Rise of the Phoenix”:

Another topic of conversation during the comedian’s interview with AOTS was the supposed end of days on May 21st. JB states that if demons do run amuck on earth on May 21st, he hopes they buy tickets for Kung-Fu Panda 2. His new movie comes out May 26th.

If you want to watch Jack Black talk about Kung-Fu Panda 2, here’s the full interview from Attack of the Show:

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