Sad news out of Pennsylvania early this morning. Jackass star Ryan Dunn was involved in a single car accident along with an unidentified associate. The pair were driving along route 322 in West Goshen Township when the vehicle veered off the road, engulfed in flames and killed both. Beyond that, details are still very sketchy at this early juncture, but Dunn did tweet a photo of himself drinking with friends several hours prior to the horrific accident.

Because the car was so mangled, it was at first unclear who exactly was driving, but in the last few hours, TMZ has confirmed it was Ryan Dunn who was behind the wheel. No doubt many will speculate on whether the alcohol played a role in the crash because of the Twit Pic, but it’s unlikely we’ll have a definitive answer on that for another couple of weeks.

Ryan Dunn, easily my second favorite member of the Jackass crew, rose to fame as a result of his friendship and association with CKY star Bam Margera. Through those initial, death-defying videos, the MTV hit Jackass was born which spawned a highly popular television show, three movies and loads of spin-off programs and several straight to DVD releases.

Ryan Dunn was thirty-four years old. Pop Blend would like to send out our thoughts to his family and friends, as well as all those affected by this horrible tragedy.

We’ll be sure to bring you updates as they become available over the next few days.

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