A few months after her husband John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, the former first lady sat down with historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. to talk about the tragic ordeal. What Jacqueline Kennedy said to him in those interviews has been a source of constant debate and fodder for conspiracy theorists since. She ordered they remain in the vault at the Kennedy Library until she’d been gone for fifty years, but seventeen years after the most glamorous first lady in the history of the United States passed from cancer, her daughter Caroline has ordered the tapes unsealed. They’ll be played on an upcoming special to air on ABC in September. As usual, how explosive her revelations will be is a matter of fierce debate.

The Daily Mail is reporting those audio recordings actual feature Jackie O blaming Lyndon B Johnson for her husband’s death. She’s said to rant on the topic at length, questioning what role Lee Harey Oswald played in the murder and what powerful friends of LBJ may have contributed to what happened. The paper also claims the tapes explicitly talk about both JFK and Jackie’s extramarital affairs. She’s reported to have bedded Hollywood star William Holden and Fiat founder Gianni Agnelli. That she had affairs in response to her husband’s indiscretions is not a shocking or new revelation but that she spoke of them candidly with a historian outside the family is a bit more of a stunning allegation.

For its part, ABC has played the forthcoming information very close to the vest. They’ve called some of the Daily Mail’s claims erroneous, but they refuse to speak to what parts may be falsities. I guess they’re trying to increase excitement for the interview, not that anyone interested in history needs a further prod. There’s also the possibility that the tapes really do contain all this information, but through their agreement with Caroline, the network is planning to only air the less scandalous bits. I guess we’ll see come September.

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