Hugh Jackman came up with a bizarre way to channel his X-MEN character's rage - by taking a cold shower every morning before filming.

The actor reprized his superhero role for X-Men Origins: Wolverine and made sure he was properly psyched up for his challenging days on-set. In a bid to find Wolverine's inner anger Jackman forced himself to take an ice-cold shower - and keep quiet during the excruciating experience.

He says, "It's surprisingly easy to find that inner rage. I do a little trick every morning. I stumbled upon this on X-Men 1. I had to get rid of my hairspray first thing in the morning but my wife was asleep and there was no hot water, it was the middle of Toronto winter. I turned the water on and was waiting and I got in and I couldn't make a noise. I don't know how it was running; it was that cold. After 20 to 30 seconds I thought, 'This is exactly how Wolverine feels all the time.' It's that inner rage but you can't yell or do anything. Every morning I do it. It's now a bit of a superstition." (CL/WNV/PAW)

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