Wrist deep in appeals, serial tax evader Wesley Snipes was released from prison earlier this week, gaining a brief respite from fending off shower room horseplay. According to the Associated Press, Judge William Terrell Hodges concluded the famous actor wasn’t a flight risk and could therefore be freed without fear of him sneaking across the border. I don’t know what the hell this appointed member of the bureaucracy was thinking, but I can guarantee he hasn’t seen Blade. That nefarious vampire could saunter off into the night without leaving a trace.

Am I the only one without the slightest shred of sympathy for Mr. Snipes? I hate the government and their tax policies more than anyone I’ve ever met, but I still shell out my hard earned dollars every April 15th. I choose to fight the system by complaining all the time and voting for rogue candidates like Ron Paul–just the way the founding fathers dreamed it up.

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