In the world of celebrity gossip there are three types of stories: Birth announcements, death announcements, and sex announcements. Within these categories exist several sub-categories. Inside of the sex category are things like relationships officially starting, officially ending, public spats... and then there are totally unsubstantiated rumors that come from shady-unnamed-sources. This is where the Jake Gyllenhaal and Olivia Wilde rumor lies.

The couple alert was posted by Access Hollywood who cites a source that allegedly saw the couple getting “touchy feely” at a restaurant in Los Angeles. This will likely fall into the first stage of the celebrity relationship cycle: Denial. They’ll come out, deny that they’re dating; and then they will get caught again, at which point they must admit that they are actually dating. Or, perhaps this whole story will blow over and we’ll never hear about it again.

Gyllenhaal was recently attached to country singer Taylor Swift, but things have reportedly soured and been broken off there. Wilde has been single for some time, although she did claim to be dating her celebrity dog, Paco ten days ago. Perhaps that’s why Russell Brand was named the sexiest vegetarian of 2011 by PETA -- they’re not down with bestiality, I suppose.

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