Actor James Franco has begun dabbling in art. Hardly a shock, the Oscar nominee has cast a wide net the last few years, desperately trying to drop his hand in as many artistic pools as possible. It only seems logical, given his outlook, that he’d try to stain the art world with his mediocrity, but this newest venture is actually a marked departure from his previous endeavors. You see, James Franco isn’t actually creating any art. He’s not painting any pictures, stenciling any still lives or crafting any sculptures. He’s just selling people blank canvases filled with “invisible artwork” he claims could be on it.

Along with partners Brainard and Delia Carey, the 127 Hours star has opened the Museum Of Non-Visible Art, a gallery constructed to remind people they “live in two worlds: the physical world of sight and the non-visible world of thought.” According to Fox News, the project has already netted more than eleven thousand dollars in purchases.

Shame on everyone involved in this story. How does James Franco not have anything better to do than create fake art? And how do people not have anything better to spend their money on? This bullshit is why the rest of the world hates us. I don’t even know who’s more pathetic here. Is it the guy who peddles blank canvasses or the sap who buys them? Vote in the poll below and let us know which party is more at fault…

Who's More At Fault?

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