James Marsden and his wife Lisa Linde have long been considered a picture of stability. Married for more than a decade, the couple have two children and rarely make headlines for extravagant or confrontational behavior. Unfortunately, it now appears all was not as it seemed. Linde filed a motion for divorce on September 23rd, citing irreconcilable differences. Her petition is asking the court for monthly support from her soon to be ex-husband, as well as joint custody of the kids.

How this relationship implosion slipped by the media for a week is unclear, but I would suspect it has something to do with Linde and Marsden’s preference for staying out of the papers. As evidence, I cite the actor’s Wikipedia Page which has exactly three sentences under the “Personal Life” heading. Until this morning, it only had two, but an overachieving editor has already added in news of this impending divorce.

There are two types of celebrity splits. We’ll go ahead and call them the Kim Basinger/ Alec Baldwin and the Demi Moore/ Bruce Willis. One involves vicious and very public court battles over children and alimony, the other involves two good people who simply decided the marriage wasn’t working but that they’d still remain a family who gets along and fights for each other. Marsden and Linde’s two children, according to People, a son and a daughter, are still elementary school aged. For their sake, I hope the once happy pair chooses the second, more sensible route. Life’s too short to spend it in court, especially with someone you used to love.

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