The results are back from the inquisition into singer Jani Lane’s death, and they’re pointing to alcohol poisoning as the cause of death. The news shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who’s followed the case. A half full bottle of vodka and prescription drugs were in plain sight at the scene when authorities arrived, but you still never know until toxicology reports give the official confirmation.

It may have been a sad and regrettable end for the singer, but twenty years ago, Jani Lane was a full-fledged star. His band Warrant topped the charts with the single “Heaven” and toured the world playing sold out shows with contemporaries like Poison and Motley Crue. Eventually, the direction of music changed, pushing hair metal gods like Warrant first on the backburner and later into near obscurity. Lane left the group several times following the initial peak in popularity, but he returned now and again to delight fans with reunion tours until he was found deceased in a motel in mid-August.

According to TMZ, The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office considers the matter closed and will not investigate further. Pop Blend would like to send out its thoughts to Lane’s family as well as the millions who enjoyed his music. Say what you will about hair metal, but those guys knew how to throw a party.

Take one more listen to “Cherry Pie”, one of the greatest rock anthems the 80s ever produced…

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