After 8 years of marriage and a daughter, Jason Reitman and his wife, Michelle Lee, have called it quits. The twice Oscar-nominated director filed for divorce last week, citing the common cause: “irreconcilable differences.” I am actually waiting for a movie of that title. Oh wait, it already happened.

Pop Eater reported the split between the two. No word yet on what caused the break, but I, personally, am a little sad. Apparently no one can stay married in Hollywood. I can name two marriages that survived “until death do us part”: Jimmy Stewart’s and James Cagney’s. Tom Hanks is possibly the only living actor I can recall off the top of my head, and he and Rita Wilson have only been married since 1988. But statistically speaking, that’s a celebrity anomaly already.

Can you readers think of any other long-term unions? It seems as if Hollywood is just one large singles bar you have to be invited to. Am I wrong, or should I just be happy that Jason Reitman is back on the market for the ladies?

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