Horrible Bosses star Jason Sudeikis and Tron: Legacy actress Olivia Wilde may not have publicly admitted they’re a couple, but that hasn’t precluded the two from openly hanging out without reservation. They were spotted together last night watching Kansas destroy Howard eighty-nine to thirty-four. Sudeikis is well-known as a Jayhawks enthusiast, and he typically gets warm receptions whenever he attends games.

According to People, that warm reception manifested itself in the form of fans spelling out his name during the action. That’s the great thing about college basketball blowouts. In the pros, fans typically get bored and start filing out, but students usually find ways to amuse themselves.

As has become standard practice, both Sudeikis and Wilde’s reps are refusing to comment one way or the other on the rumored relationship. Considering both have been divorced within the last two years and he was recently involved in the January Jones paternity rumors, it makes sense why neither would be in a hurry to commit to anything.

With a nine year age gap, his job at Saturday Night Live and her blossoming film career, it’s uncertain whether this two have what it takes to make the relationship work, but outings to sporting events together are certainly a nice start. Pop Blend wishes Sudeikis and Wilde all the happiness in the world, even if they choose to keep their real intentions hidden.

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