Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has never been the most popular guy. Wherever he’s gone, whispers of douche bag behavior have followed. Now he can add at least one more person to his long list of enemies. His fiancé former Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari is now his ex-fiance after he reportedly dumped the reality star shortly after the couple’s engagement party. The specifics are still a guarded secret, but Cavallari was seen sans engagement ring last night, putting to rest any doubts this may have been a fake rumor gone too far.

According to People, she was reportedly caught completely off-guard by the break-up. The venue was already booked, the registry already submitted and plans to move to the Windy City already underway. This is what leads me to believe this whole thing is shame on Jay Cutler. An engagement break-up should never be a surprise. If you’re serious enough to give someone a ring, they better cheat on you, develop a drug problem or rob your mother’s house to lose that status. If it’s just a case of the person potentially not being the right one, there should have been no proposal in the first place.

Of course, the other possibility here is that Kristin turned into a total bridezilla, but honestly, a woman should be given some leeway with wedding plan-related emotions. That shit is stressful. Figuring out the guest list, who’ll sit where, what type of music will be played and all that nonsense requires a lot of mental energy. I should know. I’m engaged. Don’t look for me to call my wedding off anytime soon though.

What do you think? Is Jay Cutler an asshole for blindsiding his fiancé with this news or did he make the right call to back out? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

Is Jay Cutler A Jerk For Calling It Off?

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