How low can gossip websites go? Apparently very low. Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is infuriated with several gossip websites for posting articles that state literary agents will not sign her new book unless she adds in details about her family tragedy. Hudson is demanding an apology from websites like Bossip (Cinema blend not included, of course) for articles that insist publishers won’t sign her new book unless she adds in details about the murder of her brother, mother, and nephew.

The Weight Watchers spokesperson was left devastated in 2008 when her family was tragically murdered by her psychotic brother-in-law William Balfour. A year after that devastation, she turned a new leaf and lost 80 pounds, became the spokesperson for Weight Watchers, and had her first child in 2009. The Showgirls star wrote her book about the new diet and lifestyle she acquired, and was pitching it to a variety of publishers for a reported $1 million dollars. Until garish gossip blogs got their grubby hands on this information and stated they would not sign her book unless it involved the terrible tragedy she endured.

Being a journalist I can tell you that it’s unfair to report something that is not true. Hudson described this situation perfectly. Straight from the starlets Twitter account, she says: “Something's are priceless. How low can people go. I just don't get it. Stop making up s**t!!!”

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