Pop star and American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez has been linked to dancer Casper Smart since her marriage to Marc Anthony ended. Most initial reports stressed how casual the affair was, but over the past few days, pictures of the pair vacationing for Thanksgiving have emerged. It might not be as big of a step as meeting each other’s parents or moving in together, but going on trips as a team is definitely a move toward serious town.

The photos were published by TMZ, and they feature Lopez and Smart flirting and drinking on a beach in Hawaii. She’s clad in an expensive black bikini, and he’s got on shorts and a white Hornets hat without any bend in the bill. It’s not an altogether ridiculous look for a twenty-four year old, but it is a bit strange for the boyfriend of a forty-two year old millionaire.

In a lot of ways, I get the Casper Smart attraction. He’s about as far from Marc Anthony as possible, and I’m sure Lopez was looking for a change after her split. That being said, this seems to be quickly progressing past a fling. Lopez’s kids reportedly made the trip too, and the four of them all hung out together on the beach. Typically, you don’t introduce men to your little kids that aren’t likely to stick around.

Two weeks ago, I would have thought this relationship would have been over in a few weeks, but now I’m not so sure. What do you think? How long will Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart last? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

How Long Do You Think They'll Be Together?

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