Once upon a time, the thought of Jennifer Lopez adding a third divorce to her resume wouldn’t have shocked me in the least. The former fly girl, turned singer turned actress turned tabloid sensation seemed the picture of instability. Her first two marriages couldn’t hit the two year mark and her engagement with Ben Affleck publically imploded. Then she met pop singer Marc Anthony, himself a divorcee, and the two quietly wed in Beverly Hills. Four years later, they had twins and continued forging what seemed to be a stable and loving path. Just this past year, Anthony was a constant fixture behind the scenes on her hit show American Idol, and the two were reportedly planning to launch a South American offshoot to the singing competition. Apparently, appearances are deceiving.

In a joint statement released to People, the couple announced a mutual end to their seven plus year marriage. They referred to the separation as “a painful time for all involved” and then asked for privacy.

Color me shocked, saddened and a little bit dejected. I honestly thought both of these forty-somethings had found someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Throughout their courtship, engagement and marriage, they led a quiet life, and both seemed to go to extraordinary lengths to spend time together. I guess those efforts weren’t enough.

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