Remember the Jennifer Lopez story from last week? You know the one, where her ex-lover Ojani Noa was trying to sell their honeymoon sex tape for a salacious amount of money to various porn companies? Well, some people just aren’t any fun.

Not so surprisingly, Lopez has decided to put a restraining order against Ojani and his current girlfriend Claudia Vasquez, who are in possession of the sex tape. This restraining order means that they cannot sell the sex tape unless the American Idol star gives her consent.

I understand why Lopez would do this. Who would really want their most intimate moments from a honeymoon to be seen by the world, other than Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson? Not many people, including J-Lo. Jennifer will probably hold off on those large offers from porn companies, as long as possible. Porn Hub, You Porn, and Ojani: exploit someone else.

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