A surprise to no one, Jesse James is a major douche bag. And like any good douche bag, he blames his ex-wife, Sandra Bullock, for the infidelity that led to the end of their marriage. We all knew he was kind of a dick, but a lot of guys are dicks and cheat on their wives and girlfriends, so it’s not like it comes as a huge shock. However, in his new book, which I highly recommend you do not purchase, he writes about just why he cheated on the Blind Side star.
"You're trapped, I thought suddenly. It came out of nowhere, but you're trapped pretty good, aren't you? "I couldn't escape. Not even for an instant. Mentally at a loss, desperate for something to make me feel like I had some sense of freedom, I ran through the list of things I could do to assert my independence over my life. Infidelity, unfortunately, was at the top of the list."

I’m nineteen years old and have been with the same woman for nearly two years. I’m not saying this is a major accomplishment, but I’m at the age where you most often hear guys say they feel “trapped” or that they’re “losing their independence”. Those guys are immature and have no concept of what it’s like to actually care about someone as much if not more than themselves; but hey, they’re nineteen. They haven’t figured it out yet. James is 42-years-old with the maturity level of a nineteen-year-old. Maybe it's time to stop buying his shit. Thanks, world, for letting guys like this not just survive, but thrive.

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