Now that he's won two Emmys for his role on The Big Bang Theory and played the human incarnation of a Muppet in The Muppets, Jim Parsons is once again expanding his talents in yet another direction: to Broadway. According to Parsons is set to star in a revival of Harvey, the play about a man who is brought to an insane asylum after claiming he can see a six-foot tall rabbit named Harvey. Parsons is no stranger to Broadway, appearing in the 2011 production of The Normal Heart, which won his co-star Ellen Barkin a Tony.

Performances of Harvey will begin May 18 next year, giving Parsons time to wrap up a season of The Big Bang Theory before heading over to New York. If you know the story of Harvey at all, it's probably not from the stage production but the 1950 movie starring Jimmy Stewart, who also eventually played the role on stage in 1970. Reprising a role made famous by the likes of Jimmy Stewart is an enormous challenge, but Parsons has about as much goodwill and talent as an actor can hope for; even as The Big Bang Theory stretches on into its fifth season, Parsons is still winning critical acclaim and, obviously, Emmy statues.

As Tracy Jordan has taught us, though, a TV actor moving over to Broadway can only mean one thing: EGOT speculation! Is Parsons going to add a Tony to that Emmy and then move on to the Oscar? Should we add him to our list of actors we want to see EGOT? Sure, we might be getting ahead of ourselves, but what's the fun of ignoring rampart speculation when you have the chance?

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