There are a whole lot of different ways to choose an opening act. The headliner can select based on who might sell the most tickets, who might be most enjoyed by the fans already attending or who might get along best backstage. Obviously, in a perfect world, the opener would offer all three. How many of those qualifications Joe Jonas brings to the table is a matter of debate, but Britney Spears apparently thinks the middle brother embodies something because she's offered him a role on one of her upcoming tour dates.

That's right. Joe Jonas, best known for his collaborative efforts with his brothers, will be taking the stage prior to Britney in his native New Jersey during her stop on August 5th. I wish I could lie and tell you I follow Joe Jonas and noticed this Tweet myself, but thanks are definitely in order to The Hollywood Reporter who apparently have at least one Jonas Brothers fanatic on staff.

Britney's Femme Fatale Tour is currently ravaging the East Coast. It stops tonight in Philly and will snake its way up to New Jersey by the 5th of August. That's when Joe will belt out his numbers and please any and all of Spears' younger fans. Also participating on the road trip are DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame and Nicki Minaj, though both will not be present at all of the individual stops.

In other Joe Jonas news, the singer's debut solo effort Fast Life has been pushed back a month and change to October 11th. If you're excited about his opening for Spears, you'll likely wanna give his first brother-less effort a shot.

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