If you read movie news anywhere near as obsessively as I do, you've probably been scratching your head over the John Gotti biopic for at least a year. Through name changes, new directors and high profile castings, Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father has gone from looking all sorts of awful to a potential Academy Award nominee starring John Travolta, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. Unfortunately, as with everything else about this biopic, nothing is a done deal and now Pesci has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the filmmakers.

The Casino and My Cousin Vinny star who rarely acts nowadays was offered the key role of Angelo Ruggiero, a hitman and close friend of John Gotti's. Pesci was to be paid three million dollars for her services, which required the gaining of a substantial amount of weight, but after packing on thirty excess pounds, the producers promptly axed him from the Ruggiero role and offered him a supporting turn for one million dollars. According to TMZ, Pesci is having none of the switcheroo and is suing for full compensation under the terms of his original agreement.

Here's what I don't understand: why the hell would the producers not want him for the larger role? This is Joe Pesci we're talking about. Have they never seen Raging Bull? Do they not watch Goodfellas showings on cable once a month like I do? Idiotic, especially given the fact he was willing to gain weight for the part.

Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father's producers are claiming Pesci tried to back out of his contract which caused them to terminate the deal originally, but the whole gaining weight thing doesn't really seem to gel with that story. We'll let you know how the lawsuit pans out as it moves forward. Here's to hoping both parties sit down and just reinstate the Academy Award winner into the Ruggiero role he was going to play in the first place.

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