In the game of celebrity news there are two types of stories; purely speculative celebrity gossip, and the normal celebrity news. You know, normal stuff like births, deaths, drug habits, awards, weddings, arrests, and the occasional law suit. Every once in a while it’s nice to report on something that could happen, but is purely speculative. This is one of those stories. John Carpenter, the sci-fi-horror filmmaker has recently been interviewed by Britain’s Metro Newspaper where he talks about his career as a director, his favorite movies he’s made, and his quest to "transform" the "old-fashioned" musical theater.

In the interview he explains, “(I don't like) the old-fashioned musical, although I'd like to do something to transform it.” Insisting he might have a future in musical theater.

Now, this could mean two things. The They Live writer/director could either be serious about this, and soon we could see him following in the footsteps of Matt Stone and Trey Parker who made the recent The Book of Mormon; where as a filmmaker he is out of his element, but he attempts to squeeze life out of a medium of entertainment that hasn’t been ‘fresh’ for quite some time. Or, he could be blowing smoke, and teasing those fans who would actually read an interview with him.

Cinema Blenders, what do you think?

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