Long known as a firm trumpeter of equality and liberal causes, John Lennon's political beliefs have been called into question by a close associate. Fred Seaman, a former assistant of the musician's before he passed, taped an on camera interview for the upcoming documentary Beatles Stories, and in it, he claims Lennon was embarrassed by his one-time naivety. Increasingly frustrated with the way the United States was being run, he supposedly would have endorsed Ronald Reagan in the 1980 Presidential election against Jimmy Carter, had he been allowed to vote.

That is a stunning allegation, but without any third party agreement, it is impossible to substantiate. According to TMZ, Fred Seaman has a long and storied history of conflicts with Yoko Ono. In the early 1980s, he was even convicted of stealing the Beatles' private journals and photo albums. He's hardly the type of guy you just take at his word, but regardless of his lack of credibility, the allegations themselves are still fascinating.

Did Lennon turn away from his liberal roots? There's no denying the brilliant songwriter went through many different personal outlooks. His music clearly reflects that. By the late 1970s, he'd transformed into a much quieter, more family oriented person. It would make sense if he moved a little more toward the middle. Hell, I probably think it's likely he did move a little more toward the middle. Older people tend to see the world in more grays than fresh-faced idealists who polarize most things as good or evil, but being a liberal-leaning moderate and being embarrassed by his former political views are two totally different viewpoints.

Would he have voted for Ronald Reagan if given the chance? I don't know. Only forty percent of the country voted for Jimmy Carter, and he was routed in the 1980 election, winning only six states plus D.C. Plenty of those Reagan ballots were cast by Democrats, but seeing as how he's not here to clarify himself, we'll likely never know what Lennon really thought. What a shame.

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