Former DUKES OF HAZZARD star JOHN SCHNEIDER is selling the 'General Lee' car he bought from producers when the TV series came to an end. The actor, who played Bo Duke in the hit series, used the famous car, one of many replica Dodge Chargers, as his own personal ride on the set. And when the show ended in 1985, Schneider took the car with him and has used it ever since.

Dubbing it Traveler, the car even featured in Schneider's last film, John Schneider's Collier & Co - Hot Pursuit. And now the actor is parting with his beloved orange motor on auction website eBay, so he can fund a sequel to Hot Pursuit.

A spokesman says, "The car is ranked as one of the most famous in the world. John has driven it for years, and has raced it in many events around the country. It has a powerful racing engine." The auction runs until the end of the week (ends27Apr07).

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