Twenty years after Nirvana's most famous album dropped, surviving members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic have agreed to join Jon Stewart for a special Q&A session sponsored by Sirius XM. The two hour sit-down will also feature Nevermind's acclaimed producer Butch Vig as the men who were there will recount the making and influence of the groundbreaking LP.

There is no overstating of the resounding impact Nevermind had when it was released. Dozens of bands without a record contract were suddenly gifted enormous and sometimes undeserved record contracts. Radio stations quickly moved away from playing glam metal ballads and started cranking bands like The Screaming Trees and Alice in Chains. Nothing was ever the same. Maybe Nirvana's legacy has been overstated a bit, especially that which concerns where they might have gone had Kurt Cobain not made the decision to end his life. There's no way of knowing whether they would have made a dozen more brilliant albums, but it's impossible to argue that Nevermind was not the most important LP of the early 90s.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the live discussion will take place on September 24th in front of an audience. In conjunction with the festivities, Sirius will also launch a special Nirvana radio station on September 23rd that will play singles, album tracks, rarities and interviews from musicians and celebrities.

Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Butch Vig are all very thoughtful and informed people. Their insights, along with Jon Stewart's wonderful interview skills, should offer listeners a wonderful experience. I'll be checking it out, and I highly encourage you to join me. It'll be broadcast on September 24th on Sirius XM and should be replayed several times.

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