Veteran actor JON VOIGHT has denied allegations his new film SEPTEMBER DAWN is a direct criticism of U.S. Republican presidential candidate MITT ROMNEY.

The movie, which tells the story of a group of Mormons massacring 120 California-bound settlers in 1857, has been slammed by followers of the Mormon church - of which Romney is a member - over fears it will turn Christians against them. But Voight insists the film isn't a critique of Romney or his religious beliefs - and praised the politician for his attitude towards religious fanaticism.

He says, "This is a true part of our American history - very well documented as well - but we're not pointing a finger at the (Mormon) church today. "Nor does it have anything to do with Mitt Romney's campaign. (He is) one of the people in the political sphere today who really understands what we're facing with religious fanatics in the Islamic world."

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