Back in June, a flood caused plenty of damage in Minot, North Dakota. The water destroyed bottom levels in many houses and even wreaked havoc on the lawn of Minot State University. For actor Josh Duhamel, the flood in his hometown was a sad event that needed a little positive thinking, not that the town's resolve was ever in doubt...
"It's tough to come back to see some of the conditions of parts of this town. But the spirit of this city remains. And I truly believe that they're going to bounce back from this quicker than people think. Because of the fabric of this city and the character of the people in this city is so strong.”

The actor, known for his starring role in NBC’s Las Vegas and playing a special ops captain in the Transformers series, returned to Minot as an honorary chairperson on the committee overseeing the Minot Area Recovery fund. He was there to attend a benefit concert for flood victims. However, even with his mind on recovery efforts, he still found time to talk about football. Duhamel played quarterback for Minot State University in his youth and he wasn’t afraid to suit up for one more game.

Duhamel was even asked to do the coin toss at the beginning of the game with his father, Larry Duhamel, a request he promptly obliged. In an interview with Minot Daily News, the actor noted football has changed a lot since he last played. Conditions are better and the school uses artificial turf. Things have changed in Duhamel’s own life, too, with his acting career taking him far from home and his star-studded marriage to Black-Eyed Peas music behemoth Fergie pushing him onto the public's radar. Though many things may change, it’s nice to see Duhamel manages to still play the hometown hero when he is needed.

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