British actor JUDE LAW deliberately avoids romantic movies - because he hates shooting love scenes. The TALENTED MR RIPLEY star found it difficult to deliver his love-laden lines convincingly on the set of romantic comedy THE HOLIDAY, in which he co-stars KATE WINSLET, CAMERON DIAZ and JACK BLACK.

He says, "Now I've made one (a romantic comedy) - it was one of the hardest jobs I've ever done. "NANCY (MEYERS, the director) kept laughing at me, because I'd say, 'I really love you', and she'd say, 'Stop frowning and say it like you mean it!' I was constantly massaging my forehead."

But Law insists starring in a rom-com was a career ambition for him. He says, "The past few years, I've been thinking, what the f**k am I doing? Go and do something you want to watch with popcorn and laugh. Go and do it, and have fun."

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