Judy Garland, Anna Nicole-Smith, and Michael Jackson all have one thing in common: They all died from drug overdoses. Garland’s daughter, Lorna Luft, has beef with the system that she believes led to the deaths of these stars; yes men (doctors) providing stars with whatever they want despite the consequences. She tells Britain’s Daily Express: "It makes me sad there's still a big 'moth' syndrome. Some doctors still prescribe drugs to the stars, hoping the limelight will rub off on them. The only way to change it is if somebody is finally prosecuted. We haven't learned anything in the 40 years (sic) since I lost mom. That to me is shocking."

We live in a world where I can’t watch tv for an hour without seeing at least one, if not two, “don’t drink and drive” commercials, and yet people still drink and drive. So, I don’t think doctors taking huge paychecks so celebrities can potentially kill themselves is terribly shocking. Whether you view the stars as victims or not, Luft is looking for the government to clamp down and start prosecuting the doctors that continue the sale of prescription drugs to people who don’t have a prescription.

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