Remember in Spider-Man 3, when Peter Parker succumbs to the black goo and becomes “cool” and can dance and seduce ladies and stuff? Well, if you don’t have too much PTSD from that scene, and you love Spidey, you can now start looking forward to director Julie Taymor’s new adaptation of Marvel’s Spider-Man for the stage.

Taymor’s most recent jump from screen to stage has comic book and theatre people alike scratching their heads. She is directing a musical theater adaptation of Spider-Man’s story. Yes, you read that right. Spider-Man, the musical. The adaptation will include contributions from the likes of Bono and The Edge.

There is no doubt that the director has had an uphill battle to achieve many of her visions. She adapted Disney’s The Lion King into a giant over-the-top musical puppet show. She is known for her constant fluidity between screen and stage. Although she gained notoriety for her work on The Lion King , she has of late become better know for her work on the big screen with her Beatles musical romance, Across the Universe.

I have no doubt this lady knows her way around a copyright agreement. But, with Spider-Man she doesn’t realize that she has a whole new breed of fan to deal with: the comic book nerd. She sounds as ready as she’ll ever be as she tells The Aspen Times her thoughts on Spidey’s story: “It touches on things I’m very steeped in: the dilemma of the young, underwhelming nerd, with no hubris at all, gets bestowed with the greatest of super powers. And has to find a way to lead a normal life at the same time. I found that a great dilemma for musicalizing.” Whether or not Spidey’s are the “greatest of super powers” is debatable, but I think we can all agree that the story is universally appealing. And, with Taymor’s consistently Avant-garde track record, the musical should be a sight to behold.

Taymor will not base Spider-Man: The Musical on any of the more recent movie story lines, but rather, on some of the original comic books. For her sake, I hope she skips Comi-Con unless she knows the difference between Gold and Silver Age comics.

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