The legendary Richard Attenborough’s film career has likely come to a close according to his brother, David Attenborough, who commented on the actor/director’s health to Britain’s Daily Telegraph, saying:
"Richard is not as well as he might be. He is not in great shape. He is in a wheelchair. When he fell down the stairs, he damaged his brain. He won't be making any more films. He will be 88 in August. He can converse and he does watch television

This news comes after Lord Richard’s fall in 2008, which forced him into a wheelchair and to pull out of Ironclad, a historical biopic. The Jurassic Park actor may very well be nearing the end of his life, if the above statement from his brother is any indication. He hasn't worked as an actor since 2004 when he did voice work in Within the Way Without . But in 2002 he appeared in Puckoon. Really though, he's been in semi-retirement since The Lost World: Jurassic Park in 1998.

The emphasis on his ability to converse and watch television speaks volumes about his overall health. Hopefully Attenborough is comfortable at least; the man is an icon, and while the end of his career is saddening, it can be looked back at fondly - from creating dinosaurs to directing Gandhi.

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