Christmas is the time of giving, but most people don’t earn swag in the form of multiple thousands of dollar vehicles. Luckily, having a famous friend has its various perks. Justin Bieber’s childhood bestie, Ryan Butler, recently learned this, with the help of a kickass Christmas present from his brother from another mother.

Bieber surprised Butler with a sweet American-built convertible for the holidays, which Butler promptly tweeted about late on Christmas day. The gifted Ford Mustang convertible is white with some sweet black trim. It lacks killer, huge rims, but it seems like the prime kind of car to capably pimp out. Plus it was free for the owner, which is always a bonus. Butler seems to agree, speaking out about his present and noting its awesomeness.
"Justin got me a present. #swag!!!.”

Bieber’s becoming known for lavishing wonderful gifts on those he cares about. The 17-year-old pop star has a puppy with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, and back in September he took his girlfriend on a kick-ass date involving renting out the Staples Center. With the success of his popular movie Never Say Never, the man has a little pocket change to spend. About time he gave some bros his love, as well. While he is busy spending time in Canada for the holidays is a prime time to give out a little generosity and I’m happy to see it came in the form of a nice car.

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