I think everyone smelled something a little fishy in the case of Mariah Yeater, the California native claiming Justin Bieber was the father of her newborn. Now the case has been confirmed as nonsense. TMZ is reporting that Yeater's paternity dismissed, and her lawyers, Lance Rogers and Matt Pare, have withdrawn from the case. Bieber was planning to take a DNA test when he returned from a trip to Europe, and after that he was planning to sue Yeater and her lawyers. A court date had been set for December 15

Apparently someone on the end of the accuser realized they had a case they couldn't win, and smartly backed out, ending what would have been the silliest gossip headline in the last few weeks if it weren't for the Kardashians. And if Yeater's suit didn't seem so callow and money-grubbing on the surface of it, it would be easy to feel sorry for her. Clearly she's a 20-year-old who's had a baby she's either not comfortable raising alone or doesn't want to, and she cooked up a crazy scheme to railroad a pop star into caring for it. She also must not have thought the plan through all that well, since DNA testing can prove these things pretty conclusively, and Bieber has a lot riding on a squeaky-clean image that doesn't really include children conceived backstage at one of his shows.

I hope Yeater finds people to help her raise this child. I hope she realizes that pinning a ridiculous paternity suit on a random famous person isn't going to help things. And I hope Bieber has gotten through his first brush with a paternity suit relatively unscathed. If he continues to be famous through his 20s, this definitely won't be the last of these that we hear.

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